“Beating the Nutritional Disorders Leading a Healthy Lifestyle”.


On behalf of the Journal of Food Nutrition & Health, as Editor-in-Chief, it is my distinct honour and privilege to inform you that  Journal of Food Nutrition & Health is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that offers pioneering research exploring the association of food and nutrition in promoting healthy living.

The Journal of Food Nutrition & Health will explore the relationships between diet, gut function, gut pathologies and systemic health, taking as its focus recent developments in the field and areas of Nutrition.

The Journal is structured, allowing a specific section aimed at current practice in dietetic support, followed by symposia on inflammatory diseases, nutrient sensing and signalling, the impacts of high and low body mass index on nutrition and gut function, and on gastrointestinal cancers.

Food Nutrition & Health Journal will bring together cell biologists, biochemists, geneticists, physiologists, dieticians, drug developers and clinical researchers, thereby facilitating knowledge exchange and interactions leading to elucidation of better treatments for nutrition.

We are putting endeavour’s towards a healthy lifestyle and decreasing the health related risk factors in different age group. Nutrition Deficiency  is a growing worldwide epidemic, with increasing co-morbid conditions of living style.

The Journal  on “Food Nutrition & Health” is aimed to foster cross-talk between these research areas Food, Nutrition and Obesity, Obesity Diet Management , Childhood Obesity Prevention , Weight Management Eating Disorders , Obesity Chronic Diseases , Hormonal Obesity Endocrinology , Healthy Diet and Metabolic Disorders , Genetics of Obesity , Ties between Obesity and Diabetes , Obesity Cardiology , Gynecology Obstetrics , Obesity Oncology , Anti-Obesity Drugs , Obesity Psychiatric Disorders , Medical and Surgical Management of Obesity , Clinical Research Advanced Interventions in Obesity , Pregnancy and Obesity , lifestyle-based therapies for obesity, including nutritional, physical activity, behavioral approaches , Different age group and Obesity , Processed Food and Obesity , Medical Nutrition Therapy , Diabetes and Metabolism , Weight Management Devices & Accessories ,Weight Loss Medications - Drugs, Supplements, & Cosmetics, Obesity Epidemic

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